Video With My Vet Options

There are many options for setting up the veterinary practice. When we create your installation we will request that you fill in a data capture form to get all these options in one place.

To assist you in understanding what to expect here is a list of the options, with some notes where applicable…

  1. Practice Name.
  2. Practice Alias – sometimes people like to use a shortened version of the the name.
  3. Group – the group name if the practice is part of a larger group.
  4. Region – if the group needs regional reporting.
  5. Vetstoria Practice ID – obtained from Vetstoria if the practice uses Vetstoria.
  6. Address – the postal address.
  7. PostCode – the practice PostCode.
  8. Phone Number – the landline number to the practice.
  9. Mobile number – for the contact person.
  10. Bypass Phone Number – for urgent contact by VWMV.
  11. Principle Email – the email addres for management reports etc.
  12. Email – the email address for daily activity such as appointment notifications.
  13. Practice web site …
  14. Logo – please provide an electronic image.
  15. We are closed message – the message to be displayed if a client tries to call when the practice is shut.
  16. Stripe 1 – speak to Support
  17. Stripe 2 – speak to Support
  18. Allow Video Call Without Appointments – if Yes then the client can call the practice at any time.
  19. Practice Opens At – practice opening time for the purpose of video consultations.
  20. Practice Closes At – practice closing timefor the purpose of video consultations.
  21. Allow clients to call the practice – in respect of appointments, if No then vet staff must call the client at scheduled appointment times.
  22. Allow clients to be ook appointment – if No then vet staff must book all appointments.
  23. Appointment Type(s) – the names and prices for each different appointment type. 5 are listed but more are allowed.
  24. Allow Agent To Change Fee – not available at this time.
  25. Vetstoria Schedules – list the schedules to be available to for Video Consults.

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